Safety policy | BULATSA

Safety policy




  1. Commitment of the Management

BULATSA Management  affirms that the upkeep of the achieved high safety levels including the constant strive for enhancing safety in every aspect of organisational activity as:


1.1. Primary organisational objective and core value

Safety is priority organisational value for BULATSA. Its maintenance and improvement takes precedence over the operational, technical, administrative and economic performance.


1.2. The employees are the strength of BULATSA

BULATSA employees are the most valuable asset of our organisation. Each BULATSA employee has a clear role and responsibility for ensuring safety. From a corporate viewpoint it is firmly acknowledged that professionalism of each employee contributes positively to safety.


1.3. Clear and unambiguous safety responsibilities in BULATSA

The maintenance and improvement of safety is a clear, specific and conscious responsibility.


1.4. Proactive safety management

1.4.1. The approach towards safety within the organization is an integral part of the Safety Management System (SMS) and includes:

  • Information collection through voluntary and mandatory reporting mechanisms;
  • Efficient risk management for achievement of safety objectives and indicators;
  • Dissemination of knowledge and experience in accordance with the applicable regulatory requirements and standards, considering the proven good organisational practices and across the industry.

1.4.2. The formalized, unambiguous and proactive approach to safety management, the continuous process of monitoring and analysis to achieve the highest safety levels and standards are the foundations of the continuous process for improvement of BULATSA SMS performance.


1.5. Safety Culture

The Safety Culture established in BULATSA is a critical enabler to the safety improvement processes. Its key elements are the wholeheartedly acknowledged “Just Culture” within the organization together with activities related to fatigue and stress management.  


2. The commitment of the accountable manager

The  accountable manager – BULATSA Director General, has the full responsibility for safety and through his/her powers guarantees that all activities on communication and implementation of safety policy at all levels in the enterprise, the ensuring of resources for achievement of safety goals, could be provided and carried out in accordance with the applicable requirements.