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Safety Culture

Safety Culture means establishing consistency between the individual and the organisational characteristics and attitudes to ensure that safety is considered as supreme priority and safety matters receive the attention corresponding to their importance.

BULATSA management places a priority on the principle “learning from mistakes” over the principle of “penalty” thus stimulating the further development of the safety culture in the enterprise, taking into account its all characteristics:

  • Right attitude to safety;
  • Common value system regarding the importance of the Safety Management System in the enterprise;
  • Just Culture;
  • Culture of confidence in the sense of achievements and of understanding the importance of the system for compulsory and voluntary reporting;
  • Culture of understanding the risks effects and training on the mistakes already made;
  • Defining and understanding the existing system risks;
  • Culture of sharing the acquired knowledge, experience and the best practices between the different BULATSA units and with its partners and clients.

safety culture elements