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Corporate identity

The aim of the visual guidelines published on this page is to facilitate the ensuring of correct application of the corporate identity of State Enterprise Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority (BULATSA) in media publications and marketing materials.

The use BULATSA logo is allowed only when:

  • it is not used in relation to goals and activities, incompatible with the goals and activities of BULATSA and thus contradicting the interests of the enterprise;
  • it is not used in a context, binding BULATSA with a document, product, activity, etc., except for the cases when BULATSA is a co-organizer of the event and/or a written permission is obtained from an enterprise`s representative;
  •  it is used only in its official version, published on this site;

*The changing of elements within the logo is strictly forbidden.

Hereafter BULATSA symbol, watermark, slogan and logo can be downloaded ready for use:

BULATSA symbol, watermark and slogan
3.89 MB
BULATSA logo in Bulgarian and English
260.12 KB
BULATSA's 50 anniversary logo in Bulgarian and English
347.01 KB