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Test of English for Aviation (T.E.A.) for Aviation Personnel

BULATSA Training Centre conducts examinations for assessing the language competency of the aviation personnel in compliance with the language level requirements specified In Instruction 1 of the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport dated 16.01.2003 for Licensing of the Aviation Personnel.

The test approved and used for assessing the language level of the aviation personnel is Test of English for Aviation (T.E.A.), product of Mayflower College, UK.

According to the signed bilateral Contract, the oral examinations are carried out in the BULATSA Training Centre, while the assessment and issue of Certificates is done by Mayflower College, UK.


TEA now has a new, improved version that will be in use from 01 October 2018.

Go to http://www.tea-test.com for samples of the new Part 2 task. Challenge yourself to do well with the new recordings and the Task Card.

An updated version of the Notes for Candidates matching the new test format can be found below.

An updated Guide for Candidates and Teachers is available here.

Since Part 2 has changed, it is strongly recommended that candidates practice the task using the materials here.


Contact person for requests and more information about the Test of English for Aviation (T.E.A.):

Mrs. Borislava Sarafova

+359 2 937 12 95

Mrs. Marieta Ferdinandova

+359 2 937 16 64

Mr. Grisha Milanov

+359 2 937 12 33


TEA new version 5.0 - Notes for candidates
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Rules of conduct of the TEA test (Test of English for Aviation) at BULATSA Training Centre
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