Surveillance and Air Traffic Management Systems | BULATSA

Surveillance and Air Traffic Management Systems

To perform its activities for provision of air traffic services (ATS), BULATSA operates five sites with collocated primary and secondary radars and one secondary en-route radar. These radars are the main driver to achieve a reliable air situation presentation on ATCOs HMI. 

The following radar sites are installed in Republic of Bulgaria:

  • Three Terminal Approach Radars (TARs) at airports in Sofia, Varna and Burgas. In Varna and Burgas the installation consists of a primary ATCR 33M/U type radar and a secondary SIR-M radar, manufactured by Leonardo (formally known as SELEX ES).

In the beginning of 2018, an entirely new radar complex was implemented at Sofia airport, comprising primary surveillance radar STAR2000P and a secondary surveillance radar Mode S RSM970S delivered by THALES.

The full surveillance of the respective airports’ area of responsibility is assured by the above stated TARs. They also support the multi-radar tracking of aircraft in the controlled airspace.

  • Two En-Route Radar Sites, located near the peak Cherni Vrah and in the Varbitsa Pass. Each site comprises of L-band primary radar TRAC2000N and a monopulse secondary surveillance radar Mode S RSM970S, manufactured by THALES. These radar systems provide coverage over a big portion of the Balkan peninsula
  • At Plovdiv airport, there is situated a monopulse secondary surveillance radar CMSSR-401 of the company CARDION. It complements the information to the multi-radar tracking system.

In the East part of Bulgaria, a system for independent cooperative surveillance (WAM) was implemented by SAAB Sensis Corp. The WAM system was put into operation in mid-2018.

Two Meteor 360AC meteorological radars provided by Leonardo (formally known as GEMATRONIK) are deployed in Sofia Air Traffic Control (ATC) Centre and Varna ATC Centre. They provide current meteorological information for air traffic management purposes and were modernised in 2010.

An Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) with functions of surveillance and control of aircraft and ground vehicles on the manoeuvring area is in operation at Sofia Airport. The equipment was provided by Saab Technologies (formally known as HITT), ERA and Terma.

The air traffic management over the territory of the country is provided by utilizing modern systems for processing and displaying surveillance and flight information. In operational use at Sofia, Varna and Burgas ATC Centres is the air traffic management system SATCAS, provided by the company Leonardo (formally known as SELEX ES). Following the requirements of the National Programme for Implementation of the Single European Sky and the EU regulations on the tools and systems for provisioning of air traffic management services, BULATSA performed a modernization of its air traffic management system - SATCAS, which enabled the implementation of new functionalities, improvement of the system performance and increase of the level of safety in ATS.