Meteorological services for the civil aviation | BULATSA

Meteorological services for the civil aviation

BULATSA as a certified provider of air navigation services provides air navigation meteorological services (AMS) in compliance with the ICAO requirements defined in Ordinance 3 of the Minitry of Transport, information technology and communications of the Republic of Bulgaria. The provision of AMS contributes to the improvement of the safety, the regularity and the efficiency of the civil aviation.

The following units in BULATSA provide AMS:

  • The Air Navigation Meteorological Services Department organizes, manages, controls and plans operationally the air navigation meteorological activities;
  • The Weather Forecasting Center at Sofia Air Traffic Control Center provides meteorological information for Sofia Airport, meteorological forecasts and warnings for all international airports in the Republic of Bulgaria, and performs the functions of Meteorological Watch Office (MWO) for Sofia Flight Information Region (FIR) as well;
  • The Aerodrome Meteorological Offices (AMO) at Burgas, Varna, Plovdiv and Gorna Orjahovitza ATC Centers prepare and provide information for the observed meteorological conditions at the respective airports.

The competency of the air navigation meteorological personnel (АМP) is maintained and checked in compliance with the requirements of the World Meteorological Organisation (WМО) and covers the standards for training qualification and competency, described in WMO DOC No. 49 and WMO DOC No. 1083.

BULATSA has five Automated Weather Observing Systems (АWOS), located at the all international airports on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The configuration of AWOS includes sensors for measuring of wind, temperature, humidity, pressure, visibility, lower boundary and amount of clouds, runway condition at Sofia Airport, amount of precipitation and a system for determining the weather phenomena.

The monitoring of the meteorological conditions in the Flight Information Region is provided by:

  • Two Doppler Weather Radars located near village Vacarel, Sofia Minicipality and in the area Aksakovska panorama, near Varna Airport.
  • Information from Geostationary Meteorological Satellites MSG of the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT).

In BULATSA there are implemented own systems for:

  • Analysis, visualization and preparation of meteorological products (АМIS);
  • Automated terminal information system for dissemination of air navigation information for the respective airport - ATIS;
  • System for generation of emissions for aircraft in flight – VOLMET;
  • Automated meteorological briefing.

Users of air navigation meteorological services are:

  • Aviation operators and aircraft crews;
  • Air traffic service units (ATS units);
  • Search and rescue units;
  • Airports operators and administrations;
  • Other organisations related to the civil aviation which need meteorological information for the execution of their activities.

The meteorological products prepared by BULATSA include:

  • Meteorological information; METAR, Met Report, Special Report;
  • Meteorological forecasts: TAF, landing forecasts, GAMET, forecasts for the ATS units, forecast necessary for planning of the airspace capacity;
  • Aerodrome warnings;
  • Information for dangerous phenomena in Sofia FIR: SIGMET, AIRMET.