Airspace Management (ASM) | BULATSA

Airspace Management (ASM)

Airspace Management (ASM) is performed at three levels – Strategic, Pre-tactical and Tactical.

The design of airspace and determination of the airspace structures is performed at Strategic level with the aim to maximize their efficient use.

The activities at the Strategic level include the design of:

  • the airspace structures (airports control zones and terminal areas, sectors and sector configurations for en-route services, proposals for airspace classification etc.);
  • standard arrivals, standard departures and instrument approach procedures to/from the airports;
  • the air traffic services routes;
  • areas and zones where the air traffic is restricted – restricted areas, danger areas, prohibited areas, temporary segregated/reserved areas;
  • definition of restrictions and conditions for the use of the route network.

At the Pre-tactical level, the determined airspace structures are planned and allocated in accordance with the users’ needs and the priorities set at the Strategic level. An Airspace Use Plan showing the planning and allocation of airspace is prepared.

At the Tactical level, the following activities are performed:

  • dynamic management of the airspace structures in the time and airspace between the different categories of users based on the Airspace Use Plan presenting the planning and allocation of airspace prepared at the Pre-tactical level.

The airspace management is performed at international and national level through the participation in regular workshops organized by ICAO, Eurocontrol, Directorate General “Civil Aviation Administration” (DG CAA), Aircraft operators and airport operators. Based on these meetings outcome and decisions, BULATSA department “Airspace management” develops projects for changes in the airspace organization of the Republic of Bulgaria, which BULATSA provides to the DG CAA for approval and implementation at national level. These draft changes are prepared in accordance with national legal requirements, standards and recommended practices of ICAO, in particular Document 8168 on the development of visual and instrument flight procedures, European Route Network Improvement Plan established under the provisions of Regulation 677/2011, etc.

The structure of the airspace and the air traffic services routes and the relevant procedures are approved by the Director General of the DG CAA at the proposal of BULATSA and are published in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) of the Republic of Bulgaria.